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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  February 12, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: anyway, i'm going thread book, actually. it is a very -- read this book, actually. it is a very interesting idea. although i didn't understand the thing about the cars. she didn't explain it to me at all. it is probably in here. have you read it? well, look at you, college.
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well, we have to go. how was your evening, geoff? all right? geoff: hey, everybody. let's orgy . craig: all right, let's orgy. we'll orgy and be back on monday. good night, everybody. captioned by the national captioning institute
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topper is tracking 50s in your forecast. will the warmer stuff be here in time for the week? >> i'm not going to stop until justice is served. a father vows justice after his son is allegedly killed by a drunk fbi agent. tonight, we examine hundreds of
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cases of agent misconduct. this is 9news now. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." they will bury him on wednesday but tonight the family and friends of 18-year- old lawrence garner jr. pay tribute to him and vowed the fbi agent accused of killing him monday night will be brought to justice. >> that fbi agent allegedly under the influence of alcohol when his speeding suv slammed into junior's car. junior's family fears the agent will get special treatment and gary neurenberg reports there may be good reason for that concern. >> reporter: family and friends, police, school officials and clergy gathered saturday night. >> obviously they loved him. you can see that right here. they wouldn't be out if they didn't love him. >> reporter: the fbi agent that drove into junior's car on monday was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. he has been suspended.
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1000 fbi employees have been accused of misconduct over the last three years. cnn recently obtained the disciplinary report. an employee having a sexual relationship with a source for more than a month. a 40-day suspension. someone in the leadership position uses government databases to check on two exotic dancers whom he then took to an fbi office after hours. 23 days' suspension. a supervisor viewing porn movies in the office while sexually satisfying himself. 35 days' suspension. reporting phillips had the right questions. >> you could hear allegations like this and think, wow. takes a lot of bad behavior to get fired from the fbi. >> that is so not true. if i get any type of criticism on a routine basis it is that i am the hammer. >> reporter: one person who is gone leaked law enforcement
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sensitive information to his girlfriend who was a news reporter and after breaking up with her threatened her with the release of a sex tape the two had made. but for the agent now suspended because of the drunk driving allegations in junior garner's death a promise from junior's father. >> i'm not going to stop until justice is served. he is not going to walk away with this. >> reporter: the police investigation into monday's accident and resulting grand jury action if any could take months. disciplinenary process has begun for the fbi agent who is now on suspension. he has accumulated vacation time and will be paid until that accumulated time is depleted. derek? >> thank you, gary. we turn now to egypt where tonight the egyptian military is in charge. after 30 years in power, president hosni mubarak stepped down this afternoon. and the defense minister will be calling the shots for now. protestors erupted with joy on the streets of cairo just moments after hosni mubarak stepped away. as soon as president obama
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heard the news he switched on the television to watch the celebration gripping cairo. >> people of egypt have spoken. their voices have been heard. and egypt will never be the same. >> with all that said a lot of folks tonight are asking what happens next? >> exactly. could egypt's uprising create a domino effect with other nations in the middle east and the arab world? we take a closer look at that possibility live from the egyptian embassy with more. ken. >> reporter: you know that's the big question tonight. a lot of people were asking that same question hours ago here in fronts of the egyptian embassy when hundreds of people came out to celebrate and to cheer on all of this milestone reached in egypt. i spoke to middle east experts earlier today who tell me the answer to this question will be known in the months ahead when all of the jubilation dies down and the changes in egypt have been made. >> reporter: long live egypt is
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what they chanted outside of the egyptian embassy in washington, dc. happiness mirrored here at home. >> call it independence day, victory day, liberation day. i don't know what we are going to call it but today is history and we are ought to celebrate. >> reporter: as the crowds continue to celebrate the overthrow of hosni mubarak's regime many are looking ahead to the future in that region. could other countries do the same now that the people of tunisia and egypt dismantled their government. >> no question that it will have an enormous impact on the region for years to come, decades to come. >> reporter: the executive director for the project on middle east democracy. >> the last 50 years we have not seen popular revolutions topple a dictator. we have seen it happen in 28 days twice. >> reporter: that's why he says other countries who claim repression will follow in their
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footsteps. >> nigeria. yemen, jordan could also be a candidate. >> reporter: meanwhile the egypt supporters say they will stand by anyone wanting to fight for democracy in the middle east. >> this is a revolution. by all means. and if it can happen in egypt it can happen anywhere. not just in the middle east but all over the world. i think it will have huge implications. >> if people see the strength of people power and that's very hard to stop. >> reporter: middle east experts say once all of this sense of euphoria dies down the world will get a chance to see whether democracy will be restored in egypt. i'm being told that the next couple months in egypt and middle east will be crucial to its rebuilding. we are live tonight outside the egyptian embassy, 9 news now. >> thank you, ken. tonight we are learning there were all kinds of reasons a man charged with killing three people in manassas should not have been in this country to begin with. we are talking about jose alfaro. last night he shot his girlfriend and his best friend to death along with his girlfriend's son after going into a jealous rage. turns out alfaro is an illegal
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immigrants who has had several previous run ins with the law. police say a judge ordered alfaro deported back in 2002. it didn't happen. prince william county supervisor corey stewart said he was arrested in 2004 for assault and battery, spent time in jail but again was later released. stewart says alfara was picked up in 2008 and once again let go. >> it is so tragic that time after time we have these illegal immigrants who are in custody, were handed over to the federal government for deportation and the feds don't deport them. and they keep committing more crimes. >> tonight alfaro sits behind bars charged with three counts of murder. right now dc police are working the scene of a homicide. officers say it happened just before 7:45. when they got there they found a man lying on the ground with stab wounds. emergency crews took that victim to the hospital. he later died. no word yet what sparked a
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stabbing or if any arrests have been made in this case. tonight an impassioned plea to find a serial rapist in germantown. that plea from the women he attacked. >> you made the choice to prey on elderly woman knowing they could not defend themselves. >> well, today those elderly victims came forward. they are hoping to generate some new leads and help find their attacker. they talked to the media but they did not want to show their faces. police are now looking though for this man, a dark skinned hispanic between 16 and 25 years old. >> i am determined to do everything i can to see to it that this arrogant twirp doesn't get away with it. he should turn himself in and get it over with. otherwise, another lady he attacks may have a gun under their pillow. he raped a 69-year-old on
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beaconfield terrace on two different occasions. now there is a $5000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction. if you have some of that info call 1-866-411-tips. tonight a milepost in the chandr levy murder case. her convicted killer is heading to prison for a very long time serving a sentence the judge handed down today. 60 years behind bars. in the courtroom ingmar guandique stood just 2 feet away from chandra levy's mom still insisting he did not kill the young woman but susan levy was permitted to go off on him for 15 solid minutes and she finished up with a four-letter word we can not repeat on the air. a probe on a washington lobbyist. her death was ruled an accident. the medical examiner's office said she died of smoke inhalation and burns she suffered in a crash.
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alcohol intoxication was a contributing factor. high intensity headlights on her suv sparked a fire inside her garage. her husband is a senior aide to president obama. she leaves behind three children. tonight a teacher blogs her true feelings about her students and it lands her in the principal's office. plus, baseball usually played on the grass but one former nats player is smoking it. more details coming up in sports. from manicures and custom- made suits. ladies step aside. we will take a closer look at the revolving male grooming. we are getting cold tonight but not as cold as last night. up to about 40 downtown. we will talk about the weekend.
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a warm up, cool down then birds wi
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rat like. seems smarter than she is. >> those are some things that a teacher posted about kids in her class. she wrote these remarks a year or more ago but a parent that saw them recently called the school and complained. in the blog the teacher talks about some of the comments she would really like to write about her students on their report cards in place of the so- called can comments she has to make. the teacher has since been suspended by many parents are calling for her to be fired. we asked fans on facebook asked if the teacher should have been suspended. if she said anything that could lead to harm, then yes. but people vent all the time. it depends on the severity of what she said. bev johnson wrote verbal abuse
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is still abuse. tiffany posted definitely. however teachers need outlets to vent. but patricia writes i don't think so. you have the right to free speech in america. join in the conversation with us on and click on our facebook link. we have just seen these days it is easier than ever to let your private life and work bleed together. in tonight's let's be really derek mcginty says there are always new reasons to avoid the temptation. >> my boss friended me on facebook the other day and while like anyone i do feel some pressure to accept, don't tell him this, but i'm not so sure it is a good idea. problem is, the me on facebook is not the me who comes to work every day. work me is always wearing a tie, is very concerned about the fate of the folks in egypt and is very, very serious about the news. facebook me on the other hand
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lays video games, wearing beech wear, and can't understand why a film isn't up for more awards, or any awards actually. friending your boss is almost like getting drunk at the office christmas party. he may get to see some things about you that you may regret come the morning except on facebook the party never ends. everybody worries about posting something really stupid that will get them fired or maybe a naked picture or something, but let's face it, most of us are not really that dumb. let's be real. the far more likely scenario is the boss gets a better look at the unguarded, unslashished real you in your natural environment and honestly once you see me in these -- unguarded, unslashished real you in your natural environment and honestly, once you see me in these... no joke for a growing number of guys. those in the industry say it is no longer taboo to say i care
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about how i look. as britany morehouse learns for many men out there it is macho to moisturize. >> reporter: gone are the days when men proudly proclaim i've got a face. >> not even to win a super bowl? >> reporter: for radio. even men in radio admit they want to look pretty. >> i was a pioneer in getting pedicures and manicures. >> reporter: to the streak of not shaving until the wizards win on the road. >> it is hell because i'm a guy that likes to shave. i'm a metro-sexual. i'm not going to hide it. >> reporter: neither does 26- year-old adam schindler. >> my definition is someone who is stylish and who takes care of themselves. >> reporter: so he takes care of his style by getting custom- made suits. matthew donovan says his company bows to men about their appearance. >> they don't just want a suit but they want your advice. >> looking a certain way will
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make you produce better and be more efficient in your workplace. i don't see why there is any limitations on it. >> reporter: speaking of no limitations. >> men's spas. >> britney, if you go to palm beach on a 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. window, you will see more men going in there than you can imagine. >> reporter: so -- >> this is one of our best selling. >> reporter: spray lotions are only a fraction of the popular products. >> these are body buff gloves so a guy who is really into exfol exfoliation would put this on in the shower. it is powder for men's shorts. men's grooming by percentage has grown hugely over the last five years. >> reporter: this little guy is learning early. >> four different kind of lotion that my wife puts on his face every night.
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>> reporter: one more bonding moment. and that's good news to this new father of a 6-month-old boy. >> it is just the way it is. >> reporter: britany morehouse, 9 news now. >> so the number of men who care about skin care may be going up but it looks like they are still too shy to go get those products in person. 62% of women in the u.s. say they have purchased male grooming stuff for the guys in their lives. >> i can totally vouch for that. i went to a tanning salon. >> my wife works on her feet continuously. it is not fair. >> that is definitely in the tmi category. >> too much information. >> i do see guys getting pedicures more and more. >> derek should get one. >> this could be interesting. >> i forgot about that. >> i think that video is still there.
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>> see him eat my little fish. there it is. let's go outside to the numbers. downhill fast. temperatures still cold enough. 32 downtown. plenty of 20s in the burbs. we are looking at 23 already in sterling. 23 in reston. upper 20s inrockville. up 270 you find 25 in gaithersburg, 24 in laytonsville and 26 in beltsville. not quite as cold as it was but cold enough tonight. here is the deal. a nice weekend really especially for the middle of february. a bit cooler on saturday. certainly going to need a light jacket. milder on sunday. and then believe it or not the 60s. not just 60 but the 60s are just around the corner. all right. overnight. clear to partly cloudy. not quite as cold as last night. but lows 19 to 29. cold enough. with light winds. now for saturday morning mostly sunny with a cold start. think layers. 20s and 30s. winds light against west- southwest at about 10. then by afternoon, partly cloudy. breezy. seasonable. still need a light jacket
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though. high temps around 45. winds westerly at 10. not a particularly cold wind. anytime you move wind around temps in the 40s there is a little chill in the air. zone forecast all six zones still on our website at as nice as it is here in the metro area it will be a pretty nice weekend to ski actually. 29 tomorrow for a high in oakland. you might have snow showers in timberline tomorrow afternoon and again on sunday afternoon. upper 30s tomorrow in cumberland. by the time you get to hagerstown 40. upper 40s for culpeper. and just about mid-40s for leesburg, warrenton and fairfax. downtown mid-40s. mid-40s for gaithersburg and frederick. you go down into southern maryland. you might find mid-to upper 40s. there are parts of the bay covered by a small craft advisory until 10:00 a.m. on saturday. we may see that re-issued again on sunday as winds pick up. next three days. we are going in the right direction for a while. 45 tomorrow. 53 on sunday. there will be some clouds in the afternoon with a little clipper passing to our north. but we will keep it dry.
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dropping temps on valentine's day to 50. next seven days. a minor setback on tuesday. fall back into the mid-40s. but then man, do we turn it on. mid-50s on wednesday. 60 on thursday. and 68 on friday. could we hit 70 well, we could actually. >> sold. >> 70s are not that uncommon for february in terms of records. but there you go. >> i think they are fairly uncommon. >> no, they are not. >> as far as i know here marijuana not a performance- enhancing drug. >> no. well, depends what kind of performance you're trying to enhance. i'm just saying in baseball this is a very strange admission here. a former nats star admits to getting stoned before he played games for the team. stunning admission from elijah
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dukes. why he is now out of the major leagues. plus the nightmare in cleveland is over. two days before the wizards are
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it is time for 9sports with bracelet health care. >> nats fans will remember elijah dukes as a gifted athlete but with a troubled life. now we learn that dukes was high during games. the tampa tribune reports tonight that dukes confessed to smoking marijuana before home games while with the nationals. dukes who played three seasons and was cut last spring and claims he is being black balled. he now plays for the newark
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bears in the minor league. santana moss' contract expiring today. he will turn 32 this summer and at 5'10" hasn't been the target that coaches like. will the skins pay the roughly $5 million a year that he is seeking. hoops tonight. the longest losing streak in the history of american sports is over. the cavs after dropping 26 straight finally got over on the l.a. clippers. they needed overtime. look who did it. antawn jamison, the former wizard with 20 seconds left nailing the 3. he had 35. cavs host the wizards on sunday. a little less drama in that game. cal ripkin may be baseball's all-time ironman but there was a guy right down the hall from cal at camden yards whose streak dwarfed his. he never missed a game in 47 years with the orioles and he passed away last night. from 1960 to 2010 tyler was a clubhouse manager for the
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orioles. he was a folk hero. he voluntarily ended his streak in 2007. why? so he could travel to cooperstown to see cal ripkin go into the hall of fame. ernie tyler was 86. his two sons are now clubhouse managers for the team. to golf now at pebble beach. round 2 of the pro-am. guess who is leading? fairfax virginia native steve morino. in dubai, tiger woods shot six under today he is four off the lead. now, the toyota high school sports report. >> this week game of the week cavaliers hosting the patriots. as you watch this video tonight and you see the black arm bands on the calvert players know that that is for former player who died when he hit his head during a pick up game this summer. freak accident there. calvert playing their season in his honor and been a good
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season at 12-6 but it was northern having the big rebounding night tonight. aaron young with the put back. was there audio at calvert. leading the break. 29 for young. the senior. edges calvert by a point. finally tonight, this is a friendly between the czech republic and croatia. pretty good ball handler for the goalie but the problem is he is now probably 50 yards out of his goal and you can't do that because there kick it in. it was a nice idea to handle the ball. >> got carried away? >> yes. >>


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